Why not quality circle in manufacturing also, asks Governor

MADURAI DEC. 4. India's pre-eminence in information technology, achieved through team work, should be replicated in all other industries, especially the manufacturing sector, the Governor, P. S. Ramamohan Rao, said today.

The IT sector, which did not have a hierarchical set-up, had the concept of Quality Circle well established in it. If this could be achieved in a higher intellectual level in the IT sector, why should it not happen in the manufacturing sector?

Mr. Rao was inaugurating the 17th national convention on `Quality Circles', organised here by the Quality Circle Forum of India. Though predictions pointed to India emerging the third largest economic power, this achievement would be possible only by strengthening the manufacturing sector. The country was strong in the services sector but its economy was dependent on the primary agriculture sector. The manufacturing sector should compete with China and not small countries like Japan. To be competitive, the industry should concentrate on quality, price advantage, customer satisfaction and timely delivery of goods.

While shop floor employees in the manufacturing units were fully committed to making the Indian industry competitive in the global market, ``similar enthusiasm is not evident at the top.'' The country would witness a ``real quality revolution'' if the top 100 companies and their vendors involved themselves totally in the QC movement.

Mudit Jain, president, Dhrangadhra Chemical Works, said in the globalised scenario, it would not be possible to control the market but the industry could control its cost by adopting quality standards. Mr. Jain advocated the passing of legislation to make QC mandatory for all industrial organisations. Quality management should also be introduced in school curriculum.

R. C. Agarwal, president, QCFI, said the forum would provide a thrust to training of trainers. It also planned to form 5,000 quality circles. The QCFI executive director, K. Ganapathy, said `quality management', included in the Anna University curriculum would soon be introduced in other universities.

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