Who will lead?

Sir, — In his article, "A march towards fascism' (Dec. 28), Sitaram Yechury talks of mounting a frontal attack on communalists by secular forces. But who will lead such an attack and win? We do not have the Gandhis and the Nehrus in our midst but only politicians who recite the mantra of secularism with a view to garnering minority votes. And, the majority-minority divide is not only between Hindus and Muslims but also between the poor and the rich. Unless the Congress and the Left parties bring the "bread and butter" issues to the forefront during elections, communal forces will hold sway over the Indian polity.

K. Vijayakumar, Bangalore

Sir, — The Congress, under the stewardship of Jawaharlal Nehru, succumbed to the pressures of the socialists and communists within and outside the party and changed the economic policy to socialism much against the pragmatic, free economic policy advocated by leaders such as Rajaji. Our dependence on the then Soviet Union for support on the Kashmir issue and supply of weapons also influenced us to adopt the socialist pattern of economic development. The licence and permit "raj" associated with it retarded our economic growth.

K.S. Kasinathan, Chennai

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