Web site on Nawabs of the Carnatic

CHENNAI, AUG. 14: A historical web site has been designed containing a brief history on the Nawabs of the Carnatic, in South India (1690-1855 A.D), who were the sovereign and independent rulers of this part of the country and the subsequent Princes of Arcot since 1867 A.D. This presentation would be of historical interest, said Mohammed Asif Ali, Dewan to the present Prince of Arcot - VIII, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, in a statement issued today.

The web site www.princeofarcot.com will be launched by the Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu , N. Ram, on August 18 and the acting British Deputy High Commissioner in South India, Mr. David Abbott. The Chennai Collector, V. Kannachamy, and historian S. Muthiah will participate.

Web site on Nawabs of the Carnatic

An authentic history of the period in South India and the lives and events of the distinguished historical personalities, the site will be instructive to students and political and social history. Nawab Muhammad Ali Wallajah, who ruled from 1749 - 1795 A.D of the second Carnatic dynasty (which traces its lineage to the second Caliph of Islam, Omar Bin-Al-Khattab [580 A.D]), distinguished himself eminently in South Indian history by his contributions to civil society and stood out for religious tolerance and nobility, the Dewan said.

The web site narrates historical events and developments right from the times of the first Nawab of the Carnatic, Zulfikar Ali Khan (1690 A.D.) up to the present descendant, the Prince of Arcot.

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