Weavers plan strike on April 15

Handloom weavers associations across Puducherry are planning a protest outside the Assembly on April 15.

If their demand for more work is not met, they have threatened to protest on April 22.

According to a member of an association, the handloom weavers who work for Pontex have not received thread for their weaving in over six months.

Further, over Rs. 4.5 crore worth of cloth made for the Government is lying unused in godowns and the money for it has not been paid.

Every year, the Government distributes saris and lungis to beneficiaries.

Earlier, all the cloth was purchased from the handloom weavers employed by Pontex. For the year 2011-12, however, despite the fact that the cloth was ready it was not purchased.

Further, Pontex employees themselves had not received salaries.

Members of 14 primary societies attached to Pontex neither received their wages nor given for the past six months.

The weavers were currently demanding that the Government buy the cloth lying in the godown and they should be regularly provided with thread so that they did not run out of work during the year.

Further, the wages for these weavers should be increased to Rs. 1,040 for four day’s work as opposed to Rs. 650, a member of the association said.

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