Water charges cut for dyeing units in Tirupur

M. Gunasekaran

It is now Rs. 37 per 1,000 litres for industrial requirements It is now Rs. 37 per 1,000 litres for industry

TIRUPUR: Conceding the demand of a section of dyeing units located within Tirupur town limits, the New Tirupur Area Development Corporation Limited (NTADCL) has reduced the water charges for them with immediate effect.

All 80-odd dyeing units within the municipal limits, which do not have water supply under the Rs.1,023-crore Tirupur water supply scheme, can fill water at four points into their tankers at the rate of Rs. 37 per 1,000 litres. Hitherto, the company charged Rs.45 per 1,000 litres for industrial requirements. Though the much-expected water supply began for the processing industry a few months ago, all the 80-odd dyeing units within the town limits did not avail it due to non-availability of distribution lines.

Under the project, the NTADCL does not provide distribution network inside the town and the Municipality has to do the job. The efforts to supply water to those units from Municipal tankers did not materialise as the dyeing industry was not ready to buy chlorinated water. Then NTADCL has come forward to supply them through its four overhead tanks.

Under the arrangement, the dyeing units have to make their own arrangements for transportation. But they refused to purchase water from the NTADCL and continued to source their requirements from wells in nearby villages.

15 mld supply

According to a conservative estimate, all these 80-odd units require 15 million litres of water a day for their processing operations. Meanwhile, Tirupur Municipality has come forward to execute a special project to provide 24-hour water supply to the dyeing units by laying separate pipes and construction of overhead tanks. In order to increase their off-take and sharing the industry's burden, NTADCL has reduced its tariff. Senior officials from the company had conveyed it to the industry and Tirupur Revenue Divisional Officer.

Speaking to The Hindu , NTADCL Managing Director Samir Vyas appealed to the industry that they should realise that the project was to help them with their water requirements.

Anybody who wants bulk supply can buy water from the four designated tanks and the water is not potable for human consumption as it is non-chlorinated.

Rs. 15 crore project

Regional Director for Municipal Administration M.S.P. Muthu, Municipal Chairman M.N. Palanisamy and Commissioner M. Ashokan on Thursday held discussions with industry representatives led by N. Kandasamy, president of Dyers Association of Tirupur (DAT). The municipal authorities insisted that the local body could initiate the Rs.15 crore project once the industry contributes one third of the total project cost.

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