Vocational training project for disabled in Ramnad

CHENNAI OCT. 10. The Centre has sanctioned a vocational skill-oriented training programme for physically-handicapped and mentally-challenged persons of Ramanathapuram, under the SGSY scheme.

As a follow-up to the rehabilitation process, which was started post-Erwadi, the programme hopes to aid persons with mental and physical impairments reintegrate into society.

Believing that work enhances the self-esteem of persons with disabilities and also evokes a positive response from the community, the district administration sent a proposal, under the SGSY scheme, for funds to start vocational training programmes.

The Centre approved the total project costing Rs. 2.10 crores and has released the first instalment of its share. Training will be provided to 1,317 persons, already chosen by the State, in eight vocational rehabilitation centres to be set up at Ramanathapuram, Rameswaram, Thiruvadandai, Erwadi, Paramakudi, Mudukalathur, Abiramam and Sayalkudi.

Each of them will be managed by two vocational instructors, a special educator, a female assistant and the local committee, comprising leaders, elected representatives, representatives from government departments and non-governmental organisations.

A sum of Rs. 25,000 would be provided as seed money to the local committee, set up for each centre for primary investment.

These satellite centres will also function as multipurpose rehabilitation units, where the disabled in the surrounding villages will attend everyday for physiotherapy, life skills training and work behaviour and interpersonal skills. Around 150-165 persons will be serviced by each centre, according to authorities.

Among the products, which will be manufactured, are phenyl, washing and cleaning powder, key chains and ornamental items made of palm products, seashells and paper bags, depending on a needs assessment.

While the M.S.Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation, Madurai, will provide the technical know-how and expert advice, support for physiotherapy will be provided by the Pioneer College of Physiotherapy, Ramanathapuram.