Veerappan in Anjetti forests?

Dharmapuri Jan. 3. Based on specific information that the forest brigand, Veerappan, along with his men moved into the Anjetti forests in this district, the Special Task Force personnel from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have begun combing operations since Thursday.

Though there are conflicting versions on the information, the STF men, numbering over 500, have been split into groups and sent into the forests. It is said that some villagers, who spotted Veerappan and his men resting at a spot and drying up their clothes, offered the information.

Another version has it that Veerappan's aide Sethukulli Govindan had sustained severe injuries and since he required immediate medical treatment, Veerappan was in search of a doctor.

But with the search operations having intensified in the Karnataka forests as well as the Sathyamangalam and the Bargur forest ranges, Veerappan had moved into the Anjetti forests. Veerappan is said to be equally familiar with the forest range in the district as he used to frequent his sister's house at Natrampalayam. But after she had shifted, his visit to the area was limited. But a few of his relatives are said to be residing in the area and that he also participated in temple festivals at Eriyoor and Alampadi. Thakkadi, Urigam and Biliguntlu are the other areas said to be frequented by him. owever, according to villagers since the Anjetti forests were not as dense as the Sathyamangalam forests, the chances of Veerappan opting for such a place was remote. For a few others, there was a possibility that he might have holed up in some relative's house in the area.

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