Unfettered powers?

Sir, — Whatever privileges the three different organs of government may claim, they certainly do not extend to those acts that bear no resemblance to the functions assigned by the Constitution. If unfettered privileges are allowed, only chaos will prevail. It was not the constitutionally defined function of the Jharkhand Governor to put in place an UPA Government at any cost. When the legislature and the executive try to subvert the democratic process, courts cannot be accused of breach of privilege when they intervene.

R. Mohanakrishnan, Chennai

* * *

Sir, — It is neither the executive nor the legislature that can claim supremacy because only the Constitution is supreme. When there is irresponsible exercise of power by the Governor and the Speaker, the apex court has no other alternative than to come to the rescue of the Constitution.

A. Ranganathan, Coimbatore

* * *

Sir, — The present political class uses its powers to promote vested interests. Politicians are bereft of values and ideology. Unlimited powers to these people would harm society. Goa and Jharkhand are classic examples of how political power can be used to muzzle the voice of opponents. The only ray of hope is an independent judiciary.

K.T. Krishnaswami, Sengundram, T.N.

* * *

Sir, — It is unfortunate that the ruling and opposition parties are at loggerheads and have differences even on core issues involving judicial interpretation. When the office of Governor is misused to benefit one section, who is competent to adjudicate if not the judiciary? The situation arose only because an affected legislator approached the judiciary. Terming the Court's intervention in Jharkhand activism is nothing but a ploy to browbeat the judiciary.

T. Selvaraj, Chennai

* * *

Sir, — It is surprising to see the NDA's diktat to the Assembly Speakers of the States ruled by it that they should not attend the Speakers' meet on March 20. Is it admitting that the Speakers are puppets of the parties to which they belong? What of the principle that once elected, Speakers are above party politics?

J. Rajiah, Tirunelveli, T.N.

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