TTD to mechanise laddu making

TIRUPATI Jan. 28. The TTD is contemplating to mechanise the preparation of the most sought-after Tirumala temple `laddu' to achieve the twin-objective of improving its shelf-life and to increase its production to cope with the increasing demand — nearly a lakh a day. Sources said that the TTD is examining in this context the offer of a Mumbai-based private company to take up the task on contract basis by installing in the temple kitchen (Potu) a Rs.7 cr. state-of-the-art plant and supply the laddus at its own cost.

The other terms and conditions are that the TTD would provide the contractor the required quantum of all the groceries, including the ingredients such as cashew, almonds, saffron, refined camphor, cardamom, clove etc., and would pay the firm in all probability on piece-rate basis. The contractor should also conform to the prescribed standard and procedures which it had been following since ages in the preparation of the laddu.

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