Tremendous scope to improve trade with India, says Polish Ambassador

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: There is enormous potential to improve bilateral trade between Poland and India if businessmen of both countries work together, said Krzysztof Majka, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, here on Monday.

There are a lot of "unexploited or under-exploited" fields of cooperation, he said at a meet the press programme organised by the Press Club.

He said India, which was well developed in information technology, telecommunication, pharmacy industry, medical and outsourcing services, could set up units in Poland. As Poland had trade links with other European Union countries, Indian companies could access these countries.

He said Poland had considerable expertise in food processing, farm machinery, lathes, mining, power plants and shipbuilding. These could be utilised by the Indian companies. Polish engineers and technicians were considered to be the best in the world. Their services could be hired by the Indian companies.

The Ambassador said the bilateral trade was of the order of $ 400 million with India contributing about two thirds. While India exported tea, coffee, and garments, Poland supplied big machinery, especially in mining, electrical and shipbuilding.

Another area where Poland excelled was in multi-modal transportation. As this was the only solution to transportation problems, India could learn a lot from Poland which was ready to offer its services, he said.

Consul General of Poland, Marek Moron, who was also present, said another major area where the countries could work together was in financial services such as banking and insurance.

Malgorzata Wejsis-Golebiak, First Secretary (Cultural), said education in her country was cheaper when compared with other European countries.

As English medium of instruction was available in a majority of universities, Indian students could pursue higher studies there.

There were universities in Poland that had Sanskrit and Tamil chairs.

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