Traffic in Erode Town, a mess

Traffic in Erode Town and other urban localities is in a mess, and blame it on lack of traffic discipline, shortage of manpower and parking problems for the hardships people are being put through.

The roads that are in disarray include Mettur Road, Brough Road, EVN Road, Perundurai road and Sathy Road.

Vehicle users here fail to adhere to traffic rules. Signal jumping, driving on the wrong side, over-speeding, and haphazard parking unabated.

“We keep on telling the vehicle users to abide by the rules. Very few users seem to listen and follow the rules,” a senior traffic police official said.

Traffic personnel book more than 100 vehicle users for over-speeding and violating other road rules everyday.

“We book over 44,000 cases of traffic violation every year in the district. A majority of the cases are being booked in the urban areas. Since the people in the town love to break the rules, the number of violations is on the rise. Often, we find the well-educated persons violating the traffic rules,” Superintendent of Police S. Paner Selvam told The Hindu .

The shortage of personnel in the traffic division was also one of the major reasons for the chaotic traffic in the town and other parts of the district.

“We have about 50 per cent of shortage in the traffic manpower. The district has five traffic units and the total number of posts sanctioned is 65. But we just have around 30 personnel,” Mr. Paner Selvam said.

Growing number of vehicles in the district also contribute to the chaotic traffic.

“There are over nine lakh vehicles on the roads of Erode district. Of them, seven lakh vehicles are two-wheelers. In Erode town alone, there is a 300 per cent increase in the number of vehicles in the recent past,” the Superintendent of Police said.

Trying hard

“We are trying our best to regulate the vehicle movement in Erode Town and other parts of the district. Vehicle users should strictly adhere to the rules. Otherwise it would be hard to reduce the number of accidents. We also need to strengthen the road infrastructure,” he added.