Traffic diversions run into teething problems

Chennai. Nov. 29. Motorists are yet to get used to the new traffic arrangement at the Madhya Kailas intersection at Adyar, introduced on Saturday.

Lattice Bridge Road has had to take a huge traffic load under the new rules with vehicles coming from Taramani prevented from taking a right turn on Sardar Patel Road.

Scores of two-wheelers and cars, unaware of the new rules, have been going up to Madhya Kailas point and turning left onto the Sardar Patel Road before taking a `U' turn under the flyover to reach Gandhinagar and other parts of Adyar.

This has sparked traffic snarls near the IIT entrance and the Central Leather Research Institute.

Police were at the new bridge connecting Taramani to Tiruvanmiyur side, noting down the number of vehicles entering the bridge from Old Mahabalipuram Road and Velachery Road. According to them, about 540 vehicles (of various types) took a right turn from Taramani Road towards Tiruvanmiyur in an hour during this evening.

On Lattice Bridge Road, especially at the Tiruvanmiyur end, which bore the brunt of the problems caused by the diversion, vehicular movement has slowed down, especially during the peak hours. This was mainly due to the location of two bus stops close to the Tirvanmiyur signal, motorists complained.

But traffic police said the number of vehicles was high during the morning and relatively less in the evening hours. So free flow of traffic was disrupted only in the morning.

Police had even blocked the right turn from Lattice Bridge towards Kalakshetra Main Road. The police said they had requested the Metropolitan Transport Corporation to shift both the bus stops from the existing locations, to reduce congestion near the Tiruvanmiyur signal.

At the Jayanthi cinema signal too, the police have brought in some changes — vehicles from Kamaraj West Avenue cannot enter Lattice Bridge Road. Instead, the vehicles have to go straight and through South Avenue Road to reach the Lattice Bridge Road. As there were not many vehicles takinga right turn at the signal, this change had been effected, said the police."Today is only the first working day after the introduction of new traffic rules at the Madhya Kailas intersection. By the end of the week, the motorists should be used to the new system," an officer at the spot said.

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