TNPCB: segregate solid waste at source to aid management

The municipalities in Tiruchi, Perambalur and Ariyalur district will implement solid waste management programme and ensure environment and ecology-friendly programmes, by recycling degradable waste into organic manure.

For effective implementation of the solid waste management programme, people should extend their cooperation by segregating waste materials into three categories, said A.Rengasamy, District Environmental Engineer, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB).

In a press release issued here on Monday, he has appealed to the people to segregate waste materials into degradable, non-degradable and hazardous waste materials.

While vegetable and other waste materials would be classified as degradable, plastic cups and bags could be classified as non-degradable. Battery, tube lights and other bulbs were some of the hazardous waste materials.

The segregation, he said, would facilitate municipalities to effectively dispose the solid waste materials.

On handling biomedical waste, he said that the biomedical waste from 193 private hospitals and 26 government hospitals in these three districts are being effectively handled at the common centre at Sengipatti near Tiruchi.

Plastic waste collection centres would be set up in municipal limits. Plastic manufacturers, as part of their extended responsibility, would provide the necessary funding for setting up these centres.

Public could sell their waste plastic materials at these centres. The board would coordinate for establishing these collection centres.

Explaining the applications of non-recyclable plastic materials in cement industry and roads, he appealed to the people to extend their cooperation.

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