Title for Harikatha exponent

Chennai Aug. 10. The V. Narayana Iyer Memorial Trust today conferred the title `Harikatha Vachaspathi' on `Tanjore' T.R. Kamala Murthy. Marking the fourteenth annual day of the trust, Ms. Kamala Murthy was conferred the title by the Madas High Court judge, Justice Karpaga Vinayagam.

She was also presented the Dr.M.A.M. Ramaswamy award, while the Dr. Nalli award was presented to Jayarama

Sarma, and the N.K. Mahadeva Iyer award to Kalyanapuram Aravamudan.

Speaking on the occasion `Avvai' Natarajan, traced the roots of Harikatha to Maharashtra.

While the art originated there, it flourished in Thanjavur, which took it to a higher plane, he said. Detailing the nuances, he said it was a combination of literary arts.

Other speakers noted that Ms. Kamala Murthy, a top grade artist with the All India Radio, was fluent in all South Indian languages and travelled extensively to render Harikatha. Trust chairman, Narayana Vishwanath, spoke.