Time to renovate AVM canal

PATHETIC:A view of the AVM canal at Colachel.— Photo: A. Shaikmohideen  

: People from all walks of life, including fishermen, have urged the government to renovate Anantha Victoria Marthanda Varma canal.

The ‘weed mat’ (aquatic weed) in the canal serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

In the region of Mondaicadu and the surrounding areas, coconut husks retting operation is going on nearby the canal bank. But in some places like Neerodi and South Kollencode, the coconut husk work takes place in the canal itself. The hydrogen sulphide released from the retting polluted the canal and the water becomes not usable to the people.

Environmental educator S.S. Davidson told The Hindu that some places in Enayam and Thengapattinam had already been encroached upon, which hindered the free flow of water in the canal.

Fresh water would be a boon to the coastal villages, if the canal was renovated. The employment to the unemployed youth would be possible, if the district administration came forward to initiate ‘water tourism’ after renovating the canal, says a cross section of unemployed youth of the district.

If the canal is renovated, fishing harbours at Colachel, Muttom and Thengapattinam can be easily connected with fishing harbours in Kerala.

It would facilitate unemployed youths, particularly women, to carry out fish-based activities through water navigation from their villages. From Poovar to Kollam in Kerala the water navigation is well maintained by the Kerala Government. The district administration should also come forward to renovate the canal from Colachel to Neerodi to operate boat service from this district to Kerala, which will decongest road traffic, said the general secretary of South Asian Fishermen Fraternity, Fr.Churchil.