Threat mail for CAT Vice-Chairman

CHENNAI DEC. 25 . The Vice-Chairman of the Central Administrative Tribunal here, S.S. Subramani, received on Monday a threat letter, accompanied by the front brass portion of an AK-47 rifle cartridge.

Mr. Justice Subramani today said he had forwarded the envelope, which contained the cartridge part found inside an empty matchbox, to the CAT Registry. The B-4 police station on the Madras High Court campus has registered a case, under the Arms Act, on a complaint from the Registry.

Though the letter had a sender's name, it could probably be fictitious, the judge said adding he had no idea of the possible reason for the mail.

According to sources, the envelope also contained news clippings from an English daily and a Tamil weekly. At the back of the envelope were some handwritten slogans in praise of a community leader.

No additional security was provided to Mr. Justice Subramani as he had not made a request, the sources said.