The apex court

Sir, — The article "Supreme Court and the common man" (Dec. 19) gives one the impression that the apex court has done well. My sorrow is why could it not have done better, given its power, position and glory? Though the bank nationalisation, the privy purses and the Kesavananda Bharathi cases, and more particularly the S.R. Bommai case (Article 356), are watersheds in the field of constitutional law, its recent judgments in the TMA Pai (privatisation of education), Balco (approving disinvestment), Steel Authority (regarding contract labour) and Narmada Bachao (displacement of tribals) cases to mention but a few are indeed a disappointment to the common man's expectations. These respond to market economy and globalisation, which are not our constitutional values given the historical backdrop of our freedom struggle.

N.G.R Prasad,


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