Textile association to train workers for mills and powerloom units

The Southern India Mills’ Association (SIMA) will soon launch a skill development programme for workers in spinning mills and powerloom units.

Association chairman S. Dinakaran told The Hindu on Wednesday that it the textile organisation recently received Rs. 1.5 crore as subsidy from the Union Government under the Integrated Skill Development Scheme.

This would be 75 per cent of the training cost and the stakeholders would contribute the remaining 25 per cent. The project aimed at training 10,000 workers.

The trainers at the mills would be covered under the programme and the training sessions for the workers would be held at the units. Each batch would be trained for one month to three months.

The Southern India Textile Research Association and the Textiles Committee were already conducting programmes under the scheme. For the SIMA, manpower training and skill development had always been focus areas, he said.

It would offer fast-track training under the Integrated Skill Development Scheme. With problems such as labour shortage and increasing costs, the mills need to focus on better production methods. The programme aimed at improving the productivity of the workers.

In the long-term, the association was preparing a project to train one lakh workers in five years. The response from textile mills and weaving units was encouraging. Though the current target was only for 10,000 workers, it already had response from the units to train 45,000 people.

The association had started the preliminary work for the project.

It was hopeful of launching it in a month. It also proposed to tie-up with some of the leading educational institutions in the State and had also prepared the course material after studying the best practices in different countries, he said.

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