Tehelka probe

Sir, — This has reference to the editorial "Investigating Tehelka" (Oct. 7). The UPA Government has been systematically trying to sidetrack the `tainted' Ministers issue. It revived the cases against Uma Bharti. And now it has scrapped the Phukan Commission and ordered a CBI probe into the Tehelka expos�. As for the Left, it has made it a practice to welcome any decision of the Government, provided it is targeted against the BJP or its allies.

V. Krishnakumar, New Delhi

* * *

Sir, — Corruption has always reigned supreme in India, with every government having its share of scandals. The NDA was relatively clean except for Tehelka. No wonder the Congress is concentrating all its energy on it.

Sundari Murugan, Mumbai

* * *

Sir, — No judicial commission has ever completed its investigations on time. It has only inflicted expenditure without tangible results.

Air Commodore V.S. Nair, Alappuzha, Kerala