Taking Swachh Bharat mission forward

Education institutions here are fast turning into hubs for Swachh Bharat (Clean India) activities. Colleges organise NSS volunteers or interested students in to groups, select a place of public importance - bus stands, railway station or hospital - deploy students to clean the place for a good five to six hours. Sometimes, the colleges select a village or a locality within the city to better the surroundings of the residents.

Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science Professor S. Prahadeeshwaran said the students cleaned the Coimbatore Railway Junction every month. This was part of the NSS activities and so was the regular cleaning of a hamlet in Anaikatti that the college had adopted.

The college also won an award from the Ministry of Urban Development for participation in the ‘Swachh Grahi’ contest.

Aside from these, the students had cleaned a lane opposite the college, planted saplings and maintain the campus as plastic-free, he added.

At Amrita University, the students had cleaned the Coimbatore town bus stand, mofussil bus stand, the road from Ukkadam to the campus and the Ettimadai village as well. And all this was even before the Central Government launched the Swachh Bharat initiative.

This year, again, the university would take up cleaning initiative under the Swachh Bharat programme, said Dean S. Mahadevan.

The faculty said the students stood to gain the most because they came face to face with another facet of the society and that brought about a transformation in them. “There are two changes that I noticed the most in students - one, they don’t litter, and, two, they turn humble by giving respect to conservancy workers,” Mr. Mahadevan added.

Reporting by

Karthik Madhavan