Take care

Sir, — After having gone through the bitter experience of Godhra two years ago, the Gujarat police should keep an eye on the thousands of VHP kar sevaks travelling by train to Ayodhya to attend the proposed religious congregation. The police should also maintain a record of their names and addresses. Their behaviour with fellow passengers should be monitored.

W. Macwan, Ahmedabad

Sir, — I refer to the photograph of a Shiv Sena activist sporting a trishul (Oct. 12) en route to Ayodhya. The trishul does not look like a mere religious symbol in his hand; it looks menacing. The saffron groups justifying the trishul culture in the name of religion is unacceptable.

B.R. Iniyavan, Dharmapuri, T.N.

Yamini M.V., Thiruvananthapuram

Sir, — Mr. Togadia's outburst is an attack on the secular character of the country. By whipping up sectarian passions even as the Mandir-Masjid dispute is sub judice, the VHP is hijacking the issue. The apex court must come down heavily against those who vitiate the peaceful atmosphere.

Syed Jeelan, Anantapur, A.P.

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