Taj Heritage Project

Sir, — The Supreme Court's directive to the CBI to file an FIR against the ex-Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Mayawati, and others in the Taj Heritage Project is welcome. A project involving Rs. 175 crores could not have been started without her blessings. Thanks to the Court's intervention, she has been made accountable.

A.P.V.S. Naga Mohan, Kazipet, A.P.

Sir, — Ms. Mayawati has claimed that she is being harassed by the `Manuwadi' forces (Sept. 20). She has also alleged that some BJP members have also acquired property worth crores. But why did she not raise the issue when she was sharing power with them?

Yunush Ahmed, New Delhi

Sir, — Ms. Mayawati never spoke against the `Manuwadis' when she was waltzing in the raffish politics of the BJP. Her politics of power has not achieved anything for Dalits. If anything, her blood-curdling speeches have only widened the gap between Dalits and the other social groups.

Rahul Kumar, New Delhi

* * *

Sir, — It is unfortunate that our politicians go on the offensive, instead of making efforts to come clean, whenever they are accused of something.

S.A. Srinivasa Sarma, Mumbai

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