Swinging into holiday mood

FOR THREE days from Saturday, Upper Anaicut, Mukkombu, the ultimate picnic spot for Tiruchiites, teemed with people, both young and old. It was evident that people at Mukkombu were having the time of their lives, splashing in the water, chatting with family and friends and everything else associated with fun and frolic.

With the Cauvery in full flow, several youths were seen taking refreshing dips in the water, to find relief from the soaring mercury. With families pouring into the place, eateries there did a roaring business.

People kept coming in from morning and the rush is at its peak in the evenings, say excited sellers. Even the heat of the afternoon did not deter the picnickers from having fun under the sun.

Visitors practically filled every inch of shade and grown-ups vied with children to occupy swings, seesaws and the giant wheel.

Four-wheeler drivers had a tough time owing to the traffic jam that cropped up every now and then close to the parking lots.

in Tiruchi.

From R. Krishnamoorthy in Tiruchi.