Swiggy executives go on strike

The sudden pay cut irked the delivery executives of the app-based food supplier Swiggy.M. MOORTHYM_Moorthy

The sudden pay cut irked the delivery executives of the app-based food supplier Swiggy.M. MOORTHYM_Moorthy  

Thousands of Swiggy delivery executives struck work on Thursday night in Chennai demanding reinstatement of their old pay system. Customers in the city could not place orders on the app as the delivery executives refused to take orders from restaurants and shops.

Delivery executives said the pay cut came into effect from Thursday morning, which forced them to strike work. “For an order within a kilometre, we are now paid Rs. 15. It used to be Rs. 45 and was brought down to Rs. 35. We do understand that the number of orders has come down. But the reduction is so drastic that it does not even cover petrol costs,” said an executive who did not want to be named.

Another executive said they were unable to reach out to Swiggy and that they were hired at a hub on payment of Rs. 600. “Even though during the lockdown our payments came down, we could manage. They have also cut Rs. 1 per minute for waiting time and first and last mile pays of Rs. 5 each when we ride extra distances to pick up stuff.”


“The company deposited some money on Friday evening in our accounts, but the boys are unhappy and refuse to report for work,” said another delivery person.

Swiggy said its delivery partner fleet had been crucial in it being an essential service and bringing food, grocery and other items to the doorsteps of citizens in this time of need. “It has always been our constant endeavour to acknowledge their efforts and provide them with the best-in-the-industry fixed pay-out and incentives. Delivery partners also received 100% of all tips from customers.”

“At Swiggy, we have always adopted reasonable methods to determine and constantly re-evaluate our payout and incentive structure to ensure that our valued delivery partners make adequate earnings.”

“With the food and essentials delivery segment continuing to register an upward trend and as the festive season approaches, we are working towards addressing the matter at the earliest,” the response added.

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