Students showcase their projects

Chitra Deepa Anantharam

PSBB Millennium School's annual project day

CHENNAI: It was fascinating to watch Varun Narendra of Class I demonstrate a rocket balloon and explain how a monorail functions to visitors who came to see his school's annual project day, titled Prakrithi Rakshathi Rakshithaha (We protect Nature, Nature protects us).

The theme-based project was organised by the PSBB Millennium School. The school was launched in June 2005 and this was their first project day.

The theme was the five elements of Nature - Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. "The project is part of our learning process and 90 per cent of the students is taking part," says Rukmani Mothilal, Principal, The PSBB Millennium School. "The stress is on environment and disaster management," she says. The project also helps the children understand our tradition and culture and the scientific facts behind them.

The students of LKG and UKG, whose topic was air, explained about the health benefits of rising early and drawing kolam, singing bhajan, jogging, and significance of pipal tree.

Vijetha Ravi of class II explained the concept of aerodynamics and how the aeroplane functions. The computer science department of the school presented a sound and light show, "Atmika", about the pollution of all the five elements of nature. The students who explained about water dwelt on the disaster management with reference to tsunami, desalination and the recent floods in the city.

Earthquake, landslides, forest, mines, soil, and rocks were taken up by the children of class III and IV whose topic was earth. "Our students have divided the land into kurinji, mullai, neithal, paalai and marutham (according to Tamil literature) and this way they will easily understand the geographical differences," says the school principal.

Sudhama Hari Dinker of class V amazed the audience with his insight on `Fire and religion' in a project.

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