Strike: Govt. flexes its muscles

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, JAN. 31. The Government has disallowed leave during the period of the indefinite strike being launched by the Government employees and teachers on February 6 to protest against the curtailment of the benefits being enjoyed by them as part of the steps to overcome the financial crisis facing the State.

An official press note said today that leave would be granted only for unavaoidable purposes. Applications for leave on medical grounds should be accompanied by medical certificate in the prescribed format. Doubtful cases would be referred to the medical board. Those who had gone on leave on other grounds would be recalled. Action would be taken against those who failed to observe the instructions on sanctioning leave strictly.

The dies non would be made applicable to those who did not report for work unauthorisedly. The Government asked those concerned to inform the AG of those who went on strike, including gazetted officers.

The employees who resorted to violence and harassed women employees would be prosecuted. Those arrested for criminal offences would be suspended. The gazetted officers who were heads of offices would have the authority to suspend NGOs during the strike period. Subsistence allowance would not be given during the strike period. If the employees reported for work during the suspension period, the suspension would be cancelled and they would be reinstated. But those suspended for violence and ill-treating women would not be reinstated.

The services of temporary employees would be terminated without giving any reason if they participated in the strike. Those on probation would be served show-cause notice and follow- up action taken on it. If the notice cannot be served, it would be published in the gazette or a local newspaper.

The Government asked the District Collectors and the Heads of Departments to provide adequate protection to the loyal employees. They should be able to enter the office without any obstruction. The assembling of people outside offices should not be allowed. It asked the DGP to take security measures in consultation with the Heads of Departments.

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