Stress on using iodised salt

DINDIGUL, NOV.29. The Collector, Sunil Paliwal, appealed to the people to use only iodised salt for leading a healthy life and effective functioning of brain.

Addressing a seminar on iodised salt and its uses held here today, he said the people having iodine deficiency would be sluggish, lethargic and dull.

Chances were bright for women who did not consume required iodine to deliver mentally retarded or spastic children.

Consumption of iodised salt along with daily food would be necessary for the growth of the body and brain. Salt sold for edible purpose should contain at least 15 ppm (particles per million) of iodine.

About 513 tonnes of iodised salt produced by the Salt Corporation were sold in the district up to October, 2004. All fair price shops and ration shops had been selling iodised salt.

Speakers said that 20 States in the country had promulgated a total ban on the sale of non-iodised salt. Ban was partial in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka as a sizable people living along coastal areas had been engaged in ordinary salt production.

There was no ban in Gujarat, Kerala, Andaman and Nicobar islands, Goa and Pondicherry. Earlier, the organisers conducted an exhibition on the use and values of iodised salt.

The Deputy Director of Health Services, K. Kulandaisamy, the Chief Educational Officer, S. Chellam, and others spoke. Earlier, the Collector gave away prizes to winners of various competitions meant for students on the use of iodised salt.

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