Strategies to reform criminals

CHENNAI DEC. 7. "It is not just enough to control crime by arresting criminals, but also take steps to reform them", the Chengai East SP, Pon. Manickavel, said today.

He did not stop with this and explained strategies to be adopted by the police to reform criminals.

As part of this exercise, he presented before the media a habitual criminal and a four-member gang of college dropouts who were first time offenders, for whom the police planned to extend all possible help.

The habitual offender, Ravi alias `Bullet' Ravi, said he took to crime after the Shankar Nagar police had allegedly foisted a case on him several years ago. Though he did not even know to ride a motorbike, the police had given the prefix `bullet' before his name for identification. He told the press that he was an expert in removing ornaments and valuables using a rod through any open window. If given a regular source of income, he was willing to give up crime. The first-time offenders said they took to crime for fun and got hooked to it. They got caught when they pressed their luck too far. They gave an assurance that they would never take to crime again. Mr. Manickavel said the police would help Ravi to get a job. For the first time offenders, it was permissible under law to file a consolidated charge sheet for all the crimes by a `joint draft of charges'. He planned to do it for them, as it would help to complete the case quickly.

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