`Steps inadequate for rainwater harvesting'

DHARMAPURI, NOV.29. The CPI State Secretary, R. Nallakannu blamed the Tamil Nadu Government for not taking appropriate measures to store rainwater in tanks and ponds, which had not been desilted properly.

Addressing presspersons here yesterday he said that though the State had received abundant rain but lack of conservation had led to the rainwater getting mixed into the ocean.

The government had insisted on the installation of water harvesting structures in every household to conserve rainwater. But with no desiltation carried out in the tanks the rainwater has gone waste. He said that rampant encroachments that had mushroomed in the inlets of the tank had blocked the flow of rainwater. As a result the ground water level has depleted.

Mr. Nallakannu said that not even a single lake in the district had attained the full level.

Essential for irrigation

Though the recent rain has brought relief to the farmers conservation of water was essential for irrigation and other purposes. He said that farmers in the district were in debt due to drought for the past three years. Though the government had announced that loans would be disbursed to the farmers through NABARD it had not been done, as no objection certificates had not been issued to the farmers.

He said that new loans should be disbursed to farmers at the appropriate time. He said unemployment and migration were the major reason for the naxalite uprising in the district. The government should encourage the setting up of new industries by exploiting the existing horticulture and sericulture potential in the district.

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