Spirited stir against liquor shop

Volunteers of the Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamaath (TNTJ), Pernambut staged an agitation by locking the Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) shop, run by the Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) in Mowlana Azad Chowk in Pernambut on Friday, demanding the shifting of the shop.

B. Riyaz Ahmed, town secretary of TNTJ, said in a memorandum to the Chief Minister that the TNTJ had been demanding the shifting of the IMFL shop (No.11042) since it was located close to the government hospital, a number of private clinics, two mosques, schools including Arabic schools, the vegetable and fruit market, and the bus stand. Besides, it was located close to the meeting point of loadmen and labourers. Consumers of liquor at the IMFL shop used to tease the women passing by and cause nuisance to those going to and coming out of the mosques, besides students going to schools. Women employees of shoe companies who waited for the company bus close to the shop used to face anxious moments when drunkards caused nuisance near the bus stop.

The TNTJ decided to stage an agitation by locking the IMFL shop since the officials failed to take any action to shift the shop despite repeated representations made to officials in the last five years, Mr. Riyaz Ahmed said in the memorandum.

The District Manager, TASMAC, Vellore met the agitators on Friday and gave a written assurance to take steps to shift the shop within 45 days. After the assurance, the agitators dispersed.