Special panchayats to become town panchayats

Staff Reporter

TIRUNELVELI: All the 36 special panchayats in the district have decided to go back to the earlier system of town panchayat, says Collector G. Prakash.

All town panchayats in the State were reclassified as `special panchayats' in June 2004, but the present government decided to categorise the `special panchayats' either as town panchayats or village panchayats, as most of the rules and regulations being followed by special panchayats resemble the Tamil Nadu Municipalities Act 1920.

So, he held a meeting of heads of all special panchayats on June 9 to tell their representatives about the government's decision. Heads of 36 special panchayats were told to convene their council meetings on June 14, when it was decided to go back to town panchayat system and this decision was conveyed to the government.

Tirunelveli district is the first district to send the decision of special panchayats to the government, Assistant Director, Special Panchayats, A. Vijaykumar, said.