South Australia for joint collaboration in water technology

Will solve water problems experienced by both States

Susan Muthalaly

CHENNAI: South Australia Premier Mike Rann on Thursday described Tamil Nadu as a "sister State."

At the inauguration of the South Australian Film Festival here, he said the two States were working on forging a memorandum of understanding in various areas. He had discussed with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa the areas where they could work together such as water technology to address the water problems experienced by both States. Mineral resources, a booming information technology sector and car production industry were common factors. He identified films as another important area with trade potential. Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, launched the film industry in the continent 30 years ago with "Breaker" Morant, a landmark film. The State has highly skilled film crew, a Mediterranean climate, cheap location rates, world-class multi-purpose facilities and production companies, Mr. Rann said.

Ever since he became the Premier three-and-a-half years ago, he was promoting the arts. "Films expose us, our flaws and vulnerabilities... it is the life and breath to all our yesteryears and to our tomorrows as well," said the Premier, who confessed to being a film enthusiast. He said he had done minor roles in two films, giving him something in common with Ms. Jayalalithaa, "a star of many films."

Mr. Rann recommended a South Australia-Tamil Nadu film "that will take the world by storm," a suggestion that met with loud applause by the audience.

Tamil Nadu Ministers C. Ponnaiyan, D. Jayakumar, Nainar. Nagendran and C.Ve Shanmugham attended the event. The film festival "Against the Odds" is organised by A.K. Tareen, director for trade and Investment, India for the Government of South Australia and the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, Chennai and the South Australian Film Corporation.

The three-day festival, at the South Indian Film Chamber is an attempt to widen the reach of South Australian films. The festival opened with The Tracker, a bush adventure that addresses racism and solidarity between the different races in Australia. On October 1, Storm Boy will be screened at 3.30 p.m. and "Breaker" Morant at 5 p.m. On October 2, it will be Black and White at 3.30 p.m. and Australian Rules at 5 p.m.

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