Soren's return

Sir, — Shibu Soren is back in the Union Cabinet and the BJP has decided to raise the issue of his re-induction during the winter session of Parliament.

The `tainted' Ministers issue has already played havoc with two earlier sessions. The Government has given the BJP-led Opposition a stick to hit it with.

Swayam Prakash `Arun,' Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Sir, — It is unfortunate that Mr. Soren, who evaded arrest not so long ago and resigned only after the Prime Minister asked him to do so, has been re-inducted. When George Fernandes was re-inducted by the NDA Government before being cleared in the Tehelka episode, it was evident that a man of Atal Bihari Vajpayee's stature was also bound by the pulls and pressures of coalition politics. But the present UPA leaders, who were in the Opposition then, boycotted the Minister for 22 months — something unheard of till then.

A.P.V.S. Naga Mohan, Kurnool, A.P.

Sir, — With the BJP deciding to raise Mr. Soren's re-induction issue in Parliament, we have to wait and see whether the winter session passes off peacefully.

S. Bakthavathsalan, Chennai

Sir, — Mr. Soren's return to the Cabinet is a clear indication that even Dr. Singh is a politician like any other.

S. Raghothaman, Chennai

Sir, — Once again, the people have been let down by political leaders who have time and again chosen political expediency over what is right for the country.

S. Srinivas, Visakhapatnam, A.P.

Sir, — The re-induction of Mr. Soren does not come as a surprise. From the time he obtained conditional bail, everyone was expecting him to come back. The Jharkhand elections are also round the corner.

Jinu John, Edathala, Kerala

Sir, — It is well known that Mr. Soren is accused in a massacre case. He was forced to quit the Cabinet. Had he been in any other employment, would service rules permit his reinstatement? Politicians are simply not guided by any code of conduct.

V. Varadarajan, Chennai

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