Solar panels to be installed in green houses

The beneficiaries of ‘green house' scheme, who are supposed to occupy their houses at the earliest, need not worry about the prevailing load shedding in the district. The conventional energy has come as a boon to them following the district administration's decision to install solar panels on top of the green houses.

The government has allotted a sum of Rs. 16.50 crores for the construction of 913 green houses in different parts of the district in the current year. Of this, works had been completed for the construction of 201 green houses. A sum of Rs. 3.25 crores had been allotted for installing solar panels in the houses to ensure uninterrupted supply of power to inmates of green houses. A sum of Rs. 30,000 each would be allotted to a green house for the installation of solar panel. Works in connection with installing solar panels in as many as 201 houses would begin at the earliest.

Moreover, the district administration has sent a proposal to the tune of Rs. 7.50 crores for the installation of solar street lights in as many as 95 panchayats in different parts of the district with an intention to save non-conventional energy in a phased manner. It would be completed within five years. As many as 6,500 street lights are in different parts of the district and in the first phase a sum of Rs. 1.50 crores would be utilised for the installation of 420 street lights in 19 panchayats by replacing the existing the street lights operated with the help of non-conventional energy.

The Project Director of District Rural development Agency, P.Manthirachalam said that the implementation of solar street lights project has been divided into three categories.

The first category was that, of the 420 street lights 20 street lights would be replaced with automatic solar panels fitted on top of street lights. The automatic switch off system would be fitted in the solar panels. This type of solar street lights would be installed in hilly areas including Pechipparai.

The second category was that the existing street lights would be fitted with solar panels and the third one was the installation of solar transformers. It has been decided to install 20 solar transformers in different parts of the district. With the installation of one transformer, conventional power would be supplied to 10 street lights. All the 420 solar street light would be made functional within two months. Steps would be taken to convert as many as 6,500 street lights into solar lamps within five years. The green house scheme along with the installation of solar panels and converting the non-conventional street lights into conventional solar streets lights would be safe and ensure the environment free from any kind of pollution, said the Project Director.

Rs. 16.50 crores to construct 913 green houses

Rs. 7.50 cr. for installation of solar street lights

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