Social security scheme for non-resident Tamils

NAGERCOIL, AUG. 1. The Government has introduced social security scheme for non-resident Tamils, said the Collector, Rajesh Lakhoni.

Speaking to The Hindu , he said that any person below the age of 70, employed abroad, could join the scheme. Spouse and children in India or abroad could also be enrolled in the scheme.

Children should be above three months and below 25 years of age and be unmarried and unemployed.

One-time premium at the time of enrolment should be paid. Accidents occurring any where in the world leading to death, permanent total disability or loss of sight of both eyes or loss of use of arms or legs were covered up to Rs.5 lakhs under A 1 category and Rs.10 lakhs under A 11 category.

In the event of death as a result of illness or accident abroad, expenses incurred for repatriation of body to India, including air fare of an accompanying person, and incidental expenses up to Rs.5 lakhs were payable over and above the fixed amount.

In the event of an accident to the insured, which culminated in a valid claim under the accident insurance scheme, if the person was taken to India for treatment, air fare of the injured and the accompanying person subject to the over all limit of Rs.50,000 was payable under this scheme.

In the event of an accidental death of the persons employed abroad, an educational grant of Rs.50,000 each would be given to two children below 25 years and the marriage grant of Rs.50,000 each to two unmarried daughters.

Health insurance

The Government also introduced a health insurance to non-resident Tamils. The scheme provided for reimbursement of hospitalisation expenses incurred in India following accident illness. Members of the family, in India or abroad, including parents below the age of 70, could join the scheme along with non-residents.

Medical expenses up to Rs.1 lakh or 2 lakhs could be reimbursed within five years either jointly or singly by members of family (i.e) there was no ceiling on expenses per persons or the member of claims that could be lodged during this period.

A prior medical check up was not required. Declaration, by proposer on the status of the health of members, was sufficient. Hence, the district administration decided to appoint agents to collect the premium amount from policyholders. The applicants should deposit Rs.10,000 to the Government for this post.

Those who wanted to become agents could send their applications to the Overseas Manpower Corporation, 41, Mecnikals Road, Sethupat, Chennai - 31 along with their colour photographs and xerox copies of certificates, the Collector said.

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