`Small effort' to benefit a large group

M. Balaganessin

TIRUCHI: The MLA Area Development Fund serves the purpose of speedy provision of necessary facilities, without relying much on the usual bureaucratic procedures, which normally take a few months for its implementation.

With the selection of the scheme and allocation of funds for its implementation left to the discretion of the MLA concerned, it comes in handy for the elected representatives for realising the nature of the needs of the people of the constituency and fulfil them based upon the exigency.

The supply of a mobile dispensary unit for the Animal Husbandry Department at an expenditure of Rs.4.05 lakhs appears to be a little assistance but in terms of its utility, it is bound to help a large number of cattle-owners in the remote villages in and around Thottiyam. The Minister for Labour Welfare and the MLA from Thottiyam constituency, P. Annavi, based up on a number of petitions from the villagers of Thottiyam, Thataiengarpettai and Musiri, sanctioned the funds from out of the MLA Area Development Fund.

This will help the Department to have a facility for organising periodical camps in the villages of these blocks.

The Regional Joint Director (in-charge), Animal Husbandry Department, Tiruchi, Sivaloganathan, said the mobile dispensary would be a full-fledged unit and would administer vaccines to the livestock in the three blocks on five days - from Tuesday to Saturday - a week.

For many villagers, possessing livestock has been a means for their livelihood. But, they find it too hard to treat the sick animals, as the dispensary is located a few km away. The mobile dispensary is bound to provide adequate care to the livestock population of these blocks.

A function was held at Thottiyam when Mr. Annavi handed over the vehicle to Mr. Sivaloganathan.

The Project Officer, District Rural Development Agency, M. Manohara Singh, and the Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation, M. Paranjothi, were among those who were present on the occasion. They said the Animal Husbandry department was organising special camps throughout the State for proper health care of the livestock population.