Silken choices to colour your hair

Don't believe in spending a fortune to colour your hair professionally? Your choices have just got wider at the local supermarket with the launch of Silkience and Palette from Henkel India Ltd's Schwarzkopf.

Superstar Rajnikant's daughters Aishwarya Dhanush and Soundarya Rajnikant were supposed to be the guests of honour at the event but only Soundarya was around for the unveiling of the products.

Managing director of Henkel India Satishkumar said, "In India 50-60 per cent of the market is controlled by the hair dye market. We have to shift people from this segment to our product." Henkel acquired Schwarzkopf in 1995 but the brand endorsement continues to be done by Schwarkopf.

General manager of cosmetics Rajeswari D Sheth introduced the two products. Silkience, available in eight shades, is priced at Rs. 399. It's USP is "Liquid Silk", a patented component that is supposed to make your hair silky. Palette, priced at Rs. 99, comes in six shades. The ad campaign for this one is pan Asian and will appear across many channels and the Press.

Susan Muthalaly

Susan Muthalaly

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