Sewage stagnation annoys residents

Corporation officials failed to construct drainage channel in Ward 8, they allege

Staff Reporter

SALEM: Residents of Pallakkadu here face serious health hazards due to sewage stagnation at a vacant land in the area. Sewage from Ayyan Thirumazhigai Housing Board colony and various streets of Pallakkadu flows into a natural water course that passes through the area.

Houses snakes

As the stream is heavily silted, wastewater stagnates as a pool of sewage at a vacant land.

This has led to wild growth of shrubs on the land, housing snakes and other reptiles. The stench from the wastewater is unbearable and serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

"The groundwater in the area is contaminated due to the stagnant wastewater and we have been forced to abandon a few borewells," complains B. Rajaganesan, a resident.

Corporation sanitary workers do not visit the area. As a result, water flow remains obstructed. On rainy days, sewage overflows from the land and enters houses, he adds.

Residents have taken the issue to Corporation officials at several instances. "We have submitted petitions to the Corporation Commissioner and health officials explaining the gravity of the issue. We have been asking the councillor of this area (Ward 8) to take steps for constructing a concrete drainage channel on the stream course. But we yet are to receive a reply," says P. Elangovan, another resident.

Officials have constructed concrete drainage channels on the same stream course in the adjacent wards (Ward 7 and Ward 6). "But they failed to extend the channel to the portion of the stream course in Ward 8," residents say.

Corporation officials said that they were preparing an estimate to construct a concrete channel on the omitted part of the stream course in Ward 8.

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