SASTRA Ramanujan Prize announced

To be jointly awarded to Manjul Bhargava and Kannan Soundararajan

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: The 2005 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize, instituted by the Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology and Research Academy, Thanjavur, will be jointly awarded to Manjul Bhargava, Princeton University, and Kannan Soundararajan, University of Michigan.

The annual award is presented for outstanding contributions in the field of mathematics. The age limit was set at 32 because Srinivasa Ramanujan achieved much in his brief life of 32 years. The $10,000 prize will be awarded in December during an international meet on number theory and mathematical physics in Kumbakonam, hometown of the mathematical genius.

Manjul Bhargava, the youngest full professor at Princeton, has made phenomenal contributions to number theory, notably by his discovery of higher order composition laws. These appeared in a Ph.D thesis, written under the direction of Professor Andrew Wiles of Princeton University and published in the `Annals of Mathematics.'

Bhargava created a whole new area of research in a classical topic that had seen very little activity since the time of Gauss, a release from SASTRA said.

Analytic number theory

Kannan Soundararajan, a full Professor at University of Michigan, Ann Arbour, has contributed to several areas in analytic number theory. He is considered a leading expert on random matrix theory and its implications in analytic number theory. The international panel that formed the prize committee was chaired by Krishnaswami Alladi of the University of Florida.

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