Rwandan soldier undergoes surgery in city hospital

RECOVERING: A Rwandan soldier, after the surgery at a hospital in Chennai.  

Staff Reporter

Seikeye Simon never fully recovered from gun shot wound to his chest during a civil war

CHENNAI: A Rwandan soldier who never fully recovered from a gun-shot wound to his chest while fighting a civil war several years ago, has undergone surgery in a Chennai hospital.

Seikeye Simon (39) had sustained a bullet injury, which led to the collapse of his chest wall. He had oesophageal fistula and surgical repair was first performed in South Africa. In 2000, the patient suffered from TB and was treated in Rwanda.

However, in mid-2005 he coughed out blood and doctors observed his upper lobe of the right lung was destroyed due to TB and advised removal of the affected part. Subsequently, the affected part of the lung was removed. Soon after, Simon had pus oozing from his chest and was referred to MIOT Hospitals by the Ministry of Rwanda.

"The patient is due for discharge in a couple of days," said V.V.Bashi, head, department of cardiothoracic unit at MIOT who led the team along with Muthurajan, pulmonologist.

According to Dr. Bashi, the case was diagnosed as a Broncho Pluro Cutaneous Fistula (leakage of air and pus from the lung to the outside of the chest wall through an opening).


Investigations showed that a fistula in the upper part of the right lung, where the previous surgery took place and fungus growth as secondary infection.

The six-hour surgery involved surgical closure of the fistula by bringing up the omentum (protective layering of the stomach) to the chest wall without cutting and also reconstructing the chest wall (thoracoplasty).