Rural marketing outlet to be set up in Hosur

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NABARD aid for hiring shops

Will enable organic farmers to improve their standards of livingAccess to organically grown vegetables Such outlets will be set up at block and district headquarters To be located in a highway or thoroughfare or place of tourist interest

Krishnagiri: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has sanctioned an assistance of Rs.1.30 lakhs to Marumalarchi Organic Farmers club promoted by T.S. Srinivasan, Centre for Rural Training in Hosur for setting up a retail-marketing outlet for organic vegetables at Hosur.

In a prominent spot

The retail marketing outlet, which will be established shortly, will enable organic farmers to improve their standards of living and enable consumers to have access to organically grown vegetables which will lead to improvement in health, said the Assistant General Manager of NABARD, V. Thirumalai here on Saturday.

The rural marketing outlet would be located in a prominent place in the highway or thoroughfare or a place of tourist interest where several people pass through.

Mr. Thirumalai said that eligible persons or groups, federation, association, farmers groups or SHGs in entrepreneurial mode were eligible to set up shops in the retail marketing outlet.

Along with this grant assistance is available from NABARD for hiring of shops/premises for a period of 15 months, salary of sales persons for 15 months and market related promotional expenditure and miscellaneous expenses etc.

To solve the marketing problem of the groups NABARD will support the upgradation of such groups to direct marketing by sharing the risk with the groups for a limited period.

The outlets can be set up in block and district headquarters. It is learnt that most of the time producers are not able to realise the optimum prices due to lack of negotiating power, smaller production which does not meet the market requirements.

This pilot project is aimed at setting up market outlets by such groups, which are relatively strong and can organise marketing, Mr. Thirumalai said.