Rumours fuel tension at kerosene bunk

Staff Reporter

Police used mild force to regulate a group of people who intended to get special flood relief package

TIRUCHI: Tense moments prevailed for some time in front of a kerosene bunk at Cholarajapuram in Woraiyur in the city on Sunday after the police reportedly used mild force to regulate a group of people who had assembled in front of the bunk to buy kerosene distributed under the special flood relief package.

Following the incident, police personnel were deployed in front of the bunk to ensure the smooth distribution of kerosene to the public.

The city police claimed that rumours were doing the rounds that Sunday was the last date for distribution of kerosene, given under the flood relief package, in the Cholarajapuram bunk, which catered for 13 fair price shops located in areas including Salai Road, Nachiarpalayam, Woraiyur and Pandamangalam.

As a result, several people assembled in front of the bunk even before it was opened in the morning. Eyewitnesses said some had come in the early hours to get their quota of kerosene. By around 10 a.m., the crowd swelled with several members thronging the bunk to gatecrash once the gates were opened.

A civil supplies official said as there was a good number of people waiting at the entrance, the police were immediately sounded an alert to regulate the crowd in order to open the bunk and distribute kerosene.

The police personnel reportedly used mild force to regulate the crowd asking them to stand in a queue to enable smooth distribution of kerosene. A board was immediately placed in front of the bunk, saying that supply of kerosene would continue till the month end.

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