RSP for Left-dominated third alternative

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, DEC. 22. The RSP general secretary, Mr. K. Pankajakshan, has expressed the hope that the CPI(M) and CPI would rectify their `flawed' policy of endorsing the Congress(I) as an alternative to the BJP.

Inaugurating the two-day Thiruvananthapuram district meet of the RSP, being held as a prelude to the 16th party national conference, Mr. Pankajakshan said this is the most appropriate time for the CPI(M) and CPI to realise that the best alternative to the BJP is a democratic alliance in which the Left would have the leading role.

Mr. Pankajakshan said the Left also has the duty to ensure that the country is not thrown into another war. The nation is on the threshold of another war and only concerted efforts by Left and democratic forces could ensure that the terrorist attack on the nation did not push it into a full-scale war.

The RSP leader also blamed the State Government for the unlimited freedom being enjoyed by religious fundamentalist forces. Terming as unprecedented the violence being unleashed by such forces in different parts of the State, he said they did so in the firm belief that the UDF Government would shield them.

Speaking on the occasion, the former Irrigation Minister, Mr. V. P. Ramakrishna Pillai, said the disappearance of those who had left the party in search of crumbs of power would soon be complete.