Rs.68.98 cr. damage in Karur dt. due to rains, floods

Staff Reporter

KARUR: The recent rains and floods in the River Amaravathy in Karur district has caused damages estimated at Rs. 68.98 crores and the district administration seeks at least Rs. 41.16 crores for immediate relief and repair works. Simultaneously the administration has submitted a demand for Rs. 27.83 crores towards permanent reconstruction endeavours.

On the agricultural front, reports say close to 1,935 hectares of paddy, 302 hectares of sugarcane, 331.5 hectares of banana, four hectares of groundnut and 127 hectares of other crops have been damaged. The loss on the agriculture has not been quantified as yet, official sources say.

Highway stretches to a length of 213 km have been damaged and need Rs. 7.10 crores for immediate relief and a further Rs. 10.65 crores for permanent restoration. A total of 31 bridges and culverts have been damaged in the floods and rains and a sum of Rs. 2.92 crores is needed to repair them.

In the village panchayats in Karur district, a total of 294 water supply works, 378 streetlights, 2,641 houses that have been damaged needs Rs.1.96 crores, Rs. 35 lakhs and Rs. 7.85 crores respectively, towards immediate relief.

Earthern roads stretching 289.75 km need Rs. 95 lakhs for immediate relief, while metal roads stretching 71.87 km have been damaged and need Rs. 77 lakhs for immediate. Black topped roads stretching to a length of 136 km needed Rs. 1.15 crores for immediate relief. Bridges and culverts that have been damaged need Rs. 1.43 crores for permanent relief. Rs. 4.71 crores is needed towards immediate relief for the affected 254 public buildings. A total of Rs. 63.55 lakhs is required under immediate relief for crops that come under minor irrigation in the village panchayats.

A sum of Rs. 39.80 crores is needed for immediate total for repairing damages in the special village panchayats including provisions for 23 water supply works, 190 streetlights and repairs to 10 public buildings that have been damaged, as also roads and culverts, according to the sources.

As regards damages in the municipalities in the district, it is estimated that at least Rs. 4.91 crores is needed for works including restoration of water supply, repairs to four public buildings and provision for 100 damaged streetlights, road, drain and culvert repairs. As for irrigation sources, breaches in rivers and canals had caused a total estimated damage of Rs. 2.93 crores. One tank damaged in recent floods requires Rs. 6.50 lakhs for immediate relief in the district, sources informed.

The damages and the estimated sum required for immediate and permanent relief have been submitted to the Central team that toured Karur district recently.