Rs.649.39-cr. potential linked credit plan for Kanyakumari

NEW PACKAGE: The Kanyakumari Collector, Sunil Paliwal, releasing the potential linked credit plan document for 2006-2007.  

Staff Reporter

Nagercoil: The Kanyakumari Collector, Sunil Paliwal, who presided over the 120th district consultative committee meeting held here on Tuesday, said the potential linked credit plan for 2006-07 had been estimated at Rs. 649.39 crores, which was lower than the credit projection for 2005-06 by Rs. 205.20 crores.

The primary sector (agriculture and its allied activities) has the major share of Rs. 337.68 crores, followed by the secondary (non-farm) and the tertiary (other priority) sectors at Rs. 89.05 crores and Rs. 222.75 crores respectively.

Minor irrigation investments were concentrated in Agastheeswaram, Kurenthencode, Melpuram and Thovalai areas whereas plantation and horticulture crops were in Thiruvattar, Melpuram, Thovalai, Rajakkamangalam and Thuckalay.

Agastheeswaram and Thovalai blocks would attract more investments under farm mechanisation. The credit requirements in Munchirai, Killiyoor, Rajakkamangalam, Kurenthencode and Agastheeswaram blocks would be higher for fisheries.

The major share of working capital for industries would be in Agastheeswaram block and the investment credit for non-farming sector would be more in Thovalai and Agastheeswaram blocks, said the Collector.

The lead bank had identified major gaps in infrastructure. The departments should take steps to implement various activities for development of the district, said T.Thenappan, Senior Regional Manager, Indian Overseas Bank. A few lift irrigation units could be installed in the Tamaraparani on community basis for the benefit of farmers in Killiyoor and Munchirai blocks.

Canal water and harvested rainwater could be diverted through canals in Rajakkamangalam block so as to recharge wells where farmers and fishermen could put up a number of borewells.

As there was a scope for development of dairy farming, focus on financing purchase of milch animals could be made with the assistance of NGOs to ensure self-sufficiency in milk production and provide self-employment to the rural people.

Banks should take efforts to lend for innovative schemes. They should stop assisting establishment of uneconomic telephone booths and photocopying centres. They should help those who wanted to set up cyber cafes.

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development has prepared the potential linked credit plan for 2006-07 and the Collector released the plan document.