Riot of laughter

The difficulty with a comedy film is that it needs a sustainable story line also to succeed. Directors Rafi and Mecartin have pulled off a laugh riot here, thanks to an interesting script. If comedy films can be situational, mimicry-based or dialogue-oriented, `Pandipada' falls in the third category.

There is a war-like situation between two families which are feuding over a piece of land.

The possession of this piece of land would facilitate the construction of a canal which will bring abundant water to the whole village.

To stave off mounting debts, Dileep buys the disputed land unknowingly and finds himself in deep trouble. He teams up with Pandidura, a cruel but exceedingly comic ruffian. Meanwhile, the hero is stricken by Meena (Navya Nair), daughter of Karparia (Rajan P. Dev), the sworn enemy of Pandidura. Dileep is ably helped in his exploits by Bhasi (Harisree Ashokan) and Umakanthan (Salim Kumar).

Like Jayaram, Dileep's biggest asset is his background as a mimic. Navvya Nair is a refreshing presence. The best performance, however, is that of the remarkably versatile Prakash Raj. Harisree Ashokan and Salim Kumar create enough chuckles.

Suresh Peter produces foot-tapping music with a Tamil cinema tinge. It may be a coincidence that the village and the house from the neighbouring State shown in the film are the same as in `Thommanum Makkalum' and `Thenkasippattanam'.


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