Right decision

The Andhra Pradesh Government has taken the right decision, albeit belated, to re-impose the ban on the CPI (Maoist). After the deplorable killing of Congress MLA C. Narsi Reddy and eight others on Independence Day, the Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy Government has been left with no option but to re-impose the ban on the Maoist outfits.

H.P. Murali, Bangalore

* * *

The naxalites' logic seems strange. If they kill it is "for justice," if the Government retaliates it is murder. The ban is the right step.

J.V. Reddy, Nellore, A.P.

* * *

Will the ban solve the problem? Earlier bans have always failed to deter the naxalites. A better option would have been to resume the talks, involving eminent persons from different walks of life, keeping the interests of the State in mind.

Velavartipati Vachaspati, Ongole, T.N.

* * *

The editorial `The renewed challenge of naxalism' (Aug. 18) has rightly expressed concern over the escalation of naxalite activities in the recent past. However, your advice that the "naxalites must be made to realise that the problems they have supposedly focussed on are being addressed" so that "they will then see the senselessness of their violent course," seems to be wishful thinking.

Had the naxalites' really been interested in solving the people's problems they would not have take to violence.

Avuthu Srihari, Secunderabad

* * *

The increase in naxalite activities is because the State Government has virtually neglected the backward areas for the last several years. To gain the people's support, the Government has to introduce welfare programmes to wipe out poverty and unemployment.

M. Nazeeruddin, Kurnool, A.P.