Revised syllabus for matriculation from 2005-06

CHENNAI, FEB. 26. The revised syllabus for matriculation schools in the State will not be implemented in 2004-05. It will be introduced in a phased manner from the 2005-06 academic year, the Government announced today.

An order issued by the School Education department said the new syllabus would be introduced for LKG, UKG, standards I, II, VI and IX in 2005-06; for standards III, IX, VII and X in 2006-07 and for standards V and VIII in 2007-08.

For 2004-05, there would be no change in the matriculation syllabus from the kindergarten up to standard X.

Schools and parents can procure the Tenth standard textbooks based on the present syllabus from the Tamil Nadu Textbooks Corporation or its retail outlets, an official release said. Regarding LKG to standard IX, schools were free to prescribe any private publisher's textbooks based on the existing syllabus as was done earlier.

In March 2003, the Government constituted a high-level committee headed by the former Vice-Chancellor, Pondicherry Central University, A. Gnanam, to revise the curriculum and the syllabus for matriculation schools in the State, the first since the last revision was made in 1998.

As per original plans, the new curriculum and syllabus were to come into force from 2004-05. However, to make the exercise of curriculum change thorough, the committee held hearings with various groups, and later decided to set up sub-committees with subject experts and heads of schools.

Each such sub-committee was given mandate to evolve the syllabus for different subjects and sectors such as pre-primary, primary, middle and high school levels.

At another level, the sub-committee looked at expected learning outcomes, the language competencies to be imparted, as also the strategic skills to be learnt by students at different levels. These groups presented their reports and later held discussions fine-tuning them to ensure continuity in the syllabi while moving to the higher standard.

The draft syllabi would now have to be publicised and discussed at various forums, before finalisation.

Last month, the matriculation schools directorate had written to the Government seeking a policy decision on whether the new syllabus could be introduced in 2004 as was announced. Now that the decision has been officially announced, the next stages of finalising the draft syllabus and the orientation programme for teachers are expected to begin in the next few months.