Resolution on site for new bus stand passed

Staff Reporter

KULITHALAI: The Kulithalai Municipal Council has plumped for a site behind the Shanmugananda Theatre in the town for locating the proposed new bus stand.

The 24-member council passed the resolution proposing the particular site abutting the Cauvery flood bank by a margin of 19-5. Sections of the Kulithalai public have come out vehemently against the site selected by the Council at Wednesday's meeting saying it was not an ideal site and also accused that `only some individuals might benefit out of that'.

The Kulithalai Municipal Council met here with the Chairperson, Sakunthala Pallaviraja, in the chair and in the presence of the vice-chairman, Pallaviraja.

A resolution seeking to ratify the site in question, behind the Shanmugananda theatre in the town, for establishing a new bus stand for Kulithalai was introduced. Immediately, Manikkam and Kalyani (both DMK), Suguna (AIADMK) and Kumar (Independent) opposed the site identified in the resolution.

They pointed out that the five-member committee appointed by the Karur Collector some years back had already rejected the area citing logistics and accessibility among other things. Also, the opposing members noted that a bridge needed to be constructed at a minimum cost of Rs. 60 lakhs to access the proposed site. Sokkar (DMK) wondered why the powers that be were interested in an area already rejected by three Collectors. To that, Mr. Pallaviraja said that they were only proposing the site in question.

Mr. Manikkam asked why they were talking about rates and why they weren't thinking of acquiring land in a more suitable location. He said the public wanted the bus stand in an area where there was scope for development. "West is the best," he said implying that the authorities select a place near the Sungagate.

Finally, when the resolution was put to vote, 19 of the 24 councillors gave the nod while only five members opposed the move, upon which the motion was carried.

Outside council, there are sections of society, which have been consistently opposing concerted moves by certain politicians in the town to have the new bus stand behind the Shanmugananda theatre. "A bridge wide enough to carry two-way traffic needs to be built anew to access the bus stand. In addition, land has to be identified for being conveyed to the Fisheries Department in lieu of the land to be taken from them in carving out an approach to the proposed site," points out social activist R.C. Mamundia Pillai.Mr. Pillai points out that even now, the local body has to spend at least Rs. 50 lakhs on the new bridge. There would be a lack of vision and cohesion on the part of the authorities, if they chose the Municipality identified site for the proposed bus stand is his view.

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