Residents to boycott elections on encroachment issue

hindrance on road:A notice informing the decision of the residents of Kambar Street, Ezhilnagar, to boycott the Lok Sabha election seen pasted on the wall of an office constructed across the street.— Photo: C. Venkatachalapathy  

Residents of Kambar Street in Ezhilnagar, Vellore, numbering about 400 have decided to boycott the parliamentary elections on April 24 in protest against the “failure” of the authorities to take action on their petition to remove the encroachment, an office which has been constructed by a private person, across the entrance from the Ezhilnagar Main Road into the street, thus blocking access to the main road and access to the street from the main road.

V. Jayaraman, an exserviceman and resident of Kambar Street, said that the residents of the street sent a petition to the Chief Minister’s Special Cell in April 2013 pleading for action to remove the encroachment. Earlier, in March 2013, they submitted a petition to the District Collector pleading for the removal of the encroachment.

The residents pointed out that ambulances, fire engines, drinking water tankers and borewell lorries or any emergency service were unable to come into the street as the office building was a hindrance. The building at the northern end of the street blocked the entrance to the street from the Ezhilnagar Main Road and exit from the street into the main road.

On a petition to the Vellore Corporation, the authorities have asked the town surveyor to survey the land and submit a map to the zonal officer in a letter dated September 6, 2013.

As no action has been taken so far to remove the encroachment, residents have decided to boycott the elections, Mr. Jayaraman said. Boycott notices were seen in front of all houses and on the wall of the encroaching building.

An office constructed by an individual has deprived them of access to the main road from the street